Mowing down psychological tall grass and tangled weeds; clearing the field and planting new seeds. Thoughts lifted from my angry days, when someone asks my opinion and then denies it. If I tell you my favorite color, who else would have the "right" answer? Challenge it, oppose if you must, but to correct it is to erase my existence. If we all had the same thoughts, there would be no need for democracy. Cogito Ergo Sum.


CBS' "Survivor" is what started me on this path

I think that show marked a turning point in American society. Think about it - the idea that you lie, cheat, steal and cajole people to ride with you as far as you need them to get as close to the prize as you can get, then you cut them loose and run off with it - that's a hell of a lesson.

If you want a reality show to impress me, put one guy on the island every day and no one gets a fucking thing unless everyone survives with no wounds, no scars, and in good health. Just keep adding people - like we do in real life - and the prize goes up as a function of the number of people and number of days.

That would be the only show resembling reality like that I'm stuck in.


C Woods said...

I watched the first episode of Survivor and hated it --I wasn't sure exactly why ---but you've nailed it. That's exactly why I disliked it. The contestants have to be cruel, ruthless, greedy, conniving, lying SOB's to make it to the end. I haven't watched it since. Hell, I see enough of that behavior on the news ---and it often brings me to tears. I don't want to watch that kind of thing for "entertainment."

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