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REDUX: Why that goddamn smile makes my blood run cold

I still am far more uncomfortable by people who are always smiling when there isn't an obvious reason why. It's the political equivalent of stepford wives, and anyone who's always smiling in this country in this time is either completely full of shit or too blind, deaf, and stupid to be trusted to tell me if the Earth is round.

"The secret to success is sincerity; once you can fake that you've got it made."

French diplomat, dramatist, & novelist (1882 - 1944)

Why that goddamn smirk makes my blood run cold
by snafubar

Thu Aug 10, 2006 at 04:36:20 AM EST
I was listening to Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR, and the other day she had a segment with Tony Bennett, who has been getting a lot of attention on the occasion of his entry into the Octogenarians club. The money quote came from Frank Sinatra, when a younger Bennett asked ole Blue Eyes how he could control his nervousness in front of a crowd:

"Don't ever worry about being nervous. If the audience sees that you are nervous, then they know you care, and they will be behind you."

That's why Bush/Cheney scares the fuck out of me. Can you ever imagine a situation in our lifetimes where things were this incredibly fubar, and yet every one of the bastards in the administration has that perennial Joker smile on their face. They're never nervous - and it makes me shiver to contemplate just how bad it would have to get before these freaks actually develop a countenance with any semblence of humanity on it.

That Sinatra quote has been with me now for a couple days. It really hits home whenever I see Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, or Condi. They are so creepy with that Harvard Business School/Stephen Covey 'successful habits' 'nothin's gonna get me down' grin.

Can you really fathom just what has kind of training and mental masturbation it takes to keep those muscles clenched in the right direction? When Bush was finally asked a question with some teeth "How many Iraqis have died in this war?" and W just nonchalantly spit out "About, um, thirty-thousand" I almost threw up. Seriously. That's the entire population of my town and the three surrounding. At least Nixon looked solemn. These people look like they're really having fun.

How about Rummy's retort when Hillary fluffed up her shoulderpads and asked him "Given your track record, Secretary Rumsfeld, why should we believe your assurances now?" :

A very calm, contemptable, "My Goodness". Well, how 'bout it, you lying bastard? That's the best you have? You were wrong about the WMD, you were wrong about being welcomed as liberators, you were wrong about the post-invasion troop levels, you were wrong about the oil revenue, Israel is looking for a fight, and "My Goodness" is all you've got?

A few months ago, on the day that some reporter asked Bush if he thought the current events were signs of the apocolypse, everybody just giggled and gave the clown a free pass. WTF - it's a legitimate question only because the man has the religious right actually sending money to Jews who they are sure will go to Hell in the rapture - that ought to be a sign. This is the Elephant in the room, folks, and now that fat pachyderm is about to sit on the couch with your little sister and grandma on it. If Bush does believe the way a true born-again should, and he does believe that God wanted him in office, then we need to realize that when the book of Revelations describes the blood rising to the height of a horse's bridle, this man believes that will be a good sign.

Look at the Condi "strategy" - that's not diplomacy, it's her middle finger in everyone's face. You could not develop a better catalyst to war than this "Israel is always right even if they have to bomb the playground" attitude. This is party who claims that life is so sacred that we can't be allowed to spend one federal penny if it will kill a stem cell to cure a disease, but we can stand back and let Israel and Hezbollah keep throwing missles at each other because it will somehow make things more stable? Are you kidding me?

These lunatics are trying to provoke a war, people, and the hand-over-the-eyes "I can't see what you're telling me" attitude that most of this country has about itself because it blindly believes we're always on the right side is going to send us to Hell. I'm an atheist, and I believe we will have a battle of Armageddon, only without the thousand year reign of glory and all the rapture. We will see the blood start to flow and keep cheering because we're convinced Jesus is right over that hill....

he's comin right soon....

...any minute now....

...we can see him....

People that blind would make Hitler and Goebbels jealous to have a population so gullible. And I am seriously frightened. We're the only species on the planet with the capability to deliberately and consciously change our environment; don't you think it's pathetic that 80% of the U.S. population thinks that the story has already been written and they have no control?

Help. I'm almost ready to start the prozac again, even if I do act like a zombie.


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