Mowing down psychological tall grass and tangled weeds; clearing the field and planting new seeds. Thoughts lifted from my angry days, when someone asks my opinion and then denies it. If I tell you my favorite color, who else would have the "right" answer? Challenge it, oppose if you must, but to correct it is to erase my existence. If we all had the same thoughts, there would be no need for democracy. Cogito Ergo Sum.


Comin' atcha Live. I'm going to start unloading

OK, boys and girls, I'm here to offer an apology, and then get started.

I concede and confess that I have been warped somehow to believe that unless I'm on a mainstream blog that no one will see me, and that was a fatal flaw. The internet, the blogosphere, are mine as much as they are anybody else's, so I don't need coattails to be myself or find community. I'm here to say "Cogito Ergo Sum" - I think, therefore I am.

And I'm tired of contemplating my naval over that damn Zen riddle about the tree that falls in the forest. Even If I don't make a sound, I'm going to hurt like a sonofabitch if I fall over, so I might as well wail and scream and get my money's worth out of the angst.

Buddy Hackett used to say about swearing -

"We invented these words because in some places there simply are no other words. When you drop an anvil on your foot, you're going to scream "I BROKE MY FUCKING FOOT!". You are not going to quietly say, "Spring is here!"

Even when you get to the doctor, they're going to know how much it hurts when they look at the X-rays, because the radiologist will say, "I believe that his fucking foot is broken", and the doctor will say, "I concur that that the fucking foot is indeed broken".

So - when you see me throw out words that make sailors run out from a bar blushing and holding their ears, it's because I'm trying to get your attention. If profanity turns you off, I'm not sure what part of this planet you're keeping yourself on, because I can assure you my bad habits (and some of my good ones) of using these words were not developed on the moon all by myself. I have become the man I am in the company of people like you. Deal with it.

And on that note, I'm going to start scooping up essays and thoughts I have had and just start filling this thing up and hope the internet doesn't run out of ones and zeroes.

It's clear from looking around this country right now that we've got an overabundance of zeroes.


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